Vaccination Management

PRX is dedicated to improving efficiencies and reducing costs within vaccination management, using sophisticated software solutions to streamline and speed up processes within pharmacies and private clinics.

PRX software provides a highly relevant solution at a time when the NHS is increasingly using pharmacies under commissioned services, creating a greater and more varied workload for pharmacists to manage. There is also a huge desire to relieve pressure on the NHS by vaccinating greater numbers of people against flu and other infectious diseases.

Consequently, forward-looking pharmacies are already seeking better ways to manage their vaccination programmes, to deliver the NHS services required, in a pressure-free manner, and to maximise other opportunities available to them. PRX has the solution they seek.

flu vaccinations

Flu vaccinations

With the demand for flu vaccines standing at 5m in the UK alone, representing a £240m UK market (and a $7.5b global one), our SaaS vaccination management software has huge relevance for any pharmacy or private clinic.

Use of PRX software can make those pharmacies and private clinics that offer a flu vaccination service, operationally slicker and more profitable. It can also enhance the quality of the service provided to customers and clients.

Occupational Health Vaccines

PRX software also offers many benefits to pharmacies and clinics offering an occupational health vaccination service.

It manages the entire end-to-end process of vaccination delivery for vaccinations such as Hepatitis A and B, diphtheria, MMR, BCG tuberculosis, tetanus and polio.

PRX advantages

Advantages of PRX for pharmacies and private clinics’ vaccination services

By tapping into pre-populated system data, PRX’s vaccination management software can benefit any private clinic or pharmacy, by shortening consultation times and the associated costs of having a consultant conduct extensive patient interviews.

PRX’s software can also ensure that all advice provided is consistent – based on system-generated data, accessed in just a few clicks, which highlights a patient’s clinical history in seconds.

An in-built appointment module makes things easier for those providing vaccination services, allowing easy scheduling of vaccination time-slots.  This also facilitates better vaccination stock control, by clearly highlighting the demand for vaccines, on a day-by-day basis.

affordable systems

Secure, affordable systems

All of the cloud-based systems underpinning PRX’s vaccination management solutions are fully auditable and are GDPR-compliant, being both secure and permission-based.  Systems are also tried and tested by some of the UK’s leading pharmacies.

Available on a pay-per-use model and continually updated, PRX software is a useful ally for any pharmacy or private clinic offering a vaccination service.