About Us

PRX is the healthcare division of PD2X – a third-generation software provider and Software as a Service (SAAS) company committed to developing a tailored experience for all stakeholders within the data-for-health world.

The company was founded in 2021 by Clive Minihan and Andrew Halliday, on the basis of two previously successful collaborations over the past decade. Its reputation also rests on the relationships previously built with leading laboratories and clinics, as well as individuals within the NHS and Government.

We are a solutions-focused business, always seeking to stay ahead of the health sector’s requirements, by predicting which processes need to be better streamlined, administered and improved. Our agile and flexible software delivers on each of these requirements, whilst always seeking to generate significant cost savings and service enhancements for our partners and their clients or patients, respectively.

Our History

Since its foundation in 2021, PD2X has grown and now operates with a team of 15. Its roots are firmly rooted within the fields of  healthcare and travel health – the areas on which PRX focuses – and on veterinary care, the specialisation of PRX’s sister company, Vet DX.

Clive Minihan and Andrew Halliday together created a groundbreaking software solution, designed and licensed for use by the NHS between 2012 and 2016, to assist with remote data collection, pathway triage, results analysis and diagnosis.

Between 2020 and 2021, Clive and Andrew devised and launched a Covid-19-specific software response. This software solution managed and processed over 2.5 million tests and was adopted by two of the top three high street pharmacy chains, leading employers and most of the UK’s UKAS-accredited laboratories.

The two entrepreneurs are committed to a One Health-focused business plan and continue to explore other avenues for their third-generation sophisticated software solutions within a global market. This led to the acquisition of PinPoint Travel, in September 2022, which has created the foundation for Pinpoint Travel Health, through which PD2X software solutions will be delivered to the travel health market.

Further healthcare solutions will be developed under the PRX brand, as this SaaS company responds to the challenges within the NHS and private healthcare provision, the changing needs of individuals within society with regard to healthcare, and the global healthcare landscape.

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