Welcome to PRX

Vaccination Management, Travel Health and Human Diagnostics

Offering customisable software and flexible data solutions for diagnostic testing and vaccination providers including pharmacies, travel clinics and laboratories.

Welcome to PRX

PRX is the human healthcare division of agile Software as a Service (SaaS) company, PD2X, which partners with leading healthcare brands and laboratories to deliver relevant and intelligent data solutions and easy-to-use, seamless software.

The PRX service platform facilitates the enhanced delivery of vaccinations, immunisations and human diagnostic tests and supports the increased consumer demand for wellbeing. By providing seamless collection, storage, interpretation and delivery of health data, PRX connects all parts of the healthcare chain. Patient care is optimised, costs reduced and operational efficiencies achieved.

Vaccination Management

PRX software simplifies the processes behind private-sector vaccine delivery through pharmacies and clinics. The majority of these are NHS-commissioned and are primarily flu vaccines.

travel health pinpoint

Travel Health

Through its travel brand, Pinpoint Travel Health, PRX revolutionises the delivery of travel health consultations and vaccinations, providing informed advice on detailed travel itineraries and better ways of managing required traveller and corporate traveller vaccinations.

Human Diagnostics

By digitising the data collection process and streamlining laboratory processes, PRX generates impressive efficiencies and results within the provision of a variety of diagnostic screening tests. These span oncology, diabetes and gastric health.