Human Diagnostics

PRX provides a cutting-edge software solution that dovetails with the objectives of those providing POC diagnostics and supports the ever-increasing desire of individuals to exercise more control over their own healthcare.

The PRX software seamlessly manages the relationship between the facility carrying out a diagnostic test, the patient and the laboratory processing the sample. Its use can assist any private clinic or laboratory offering or processing diagnostic tests, by streamlining and processes and expediting results turnaround.

It can also help relieve pressure on the NHS, by reducing unnecessary attendance at a hospital.

Delivering digitalisation to human diagnostics processes

Using the software means eliminating paper-based manual processes at the point of testing.

This not only speeds up the data collection process but also helps remove the possibility of data loss or erroneous transcription of handwritten information within the laboratory.

With a strong footprint across the UK’s leading laboratories, PRX has already proven the value of its software solutions. It has utilised its vast experience, in this regard, to help develop software that uses Artificial Intelligence to deliver valuable insights.

Further advantages of PRX software in human diagnostics

PRX’s software delivers compelling benefits for those providing highly specific diagnostic testing within oncology (cancers of the prostate, bladder, bowel and lung), diabetes and gastric health.

These represent a £135m market in the UK and are key conditions for which many individuals are keen to be tested more regularly than is possible within the NHS and are prepared to pay for private tests.

The PRX software collects, processes and deploys concise and relevant data throughout the sample chain, from patient to diagnosis and on to the clinician.

The software’s methodologies mirror how laboratories and clinicians work, to make the software’s introduction as smooth as possible. The portal is also agile and customisable, to suit each client’s specific requirements.

Enhanced accountability

Enhanced accountability and transparency

Dramatic improvements, in terms of speed and efficiency of processing samples, can be achieved, with a unique marker for every test and automatic input into the testing laboratory.

The software delivers a sample chain built on the principles of custody, tracking and traceability and ensures that clinicians have rapid access to test results.

All data is anonymised and encrypted during transmission and archived on secure UK-based servers with the highest levels of security.